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You are gonna have to do some traveling.
You are gonna have to do some traveling.

You are gonna have to be aggressive enough to get up outta that bed you're in, that slump you're in, that comfortable, sleepy, lackadaisicle, lazy, if God wants me to have it, He'll give it to me place, and you're gonna have to become aggressive and follow hard after Him. If you are going to break that stronghold, that the devil keeps using over your life, then you are going to have to aggressively make Him a priority, and seek hard, I MEAN HARD, I mean HARD.

Not sleepy time prayer, as you fall asleep, she said I tried it in the bed, it didn't work, I tried to seek Him and stay where I was.

She said "but I found Him not."

I will rise now, and go about the city in the streets, and in the broadways, I will seek Him whom my soul loveth.
I sought Him, but I found Him not.

She said I'm gonna get up outa this bed, if I have to go in the streets, if I have to get outta my comfort zone, If I have to start comin to bible class on sunday nights, If I have to lay on the alter, If I have to turn my plate over and fast, if I have to start breaking down my bible, even when there is nobody there to teach me. Whatever it takes for me to get this breakthrough. She said "I have got to find Him."

I may have to come out of my neighborhood, I may have to worship with people where I had to drive farther than they did in order to get the word. I may have to worship with people who don't look like me. They may not be my color, they may not be in my culture, they may not be my kind, but you know where ever I have to go, to get the anointing I need over my life, I am willing to do it, because I want the blessings of the Lord over me.

"The watchman that go about the city found me, to whom I said :
Saw ye Him whom I so loveth?
It was but little that I passed from them."

She said I went to the watchman and I asked have you seen Him who I so loveth.
This is a process, this is progressive. She tried seekin Him in the bed, she couldn't find Him.
She got out in the street, she couldn't find Him. She went to the watchman, she went to her leadership and said have you seen Him, do ya'll know God. And then she said it wasn't but a little while til I PASSED BY HIM!!

And ultimately if you are gonna know Christ, your relationship with Him, can not end up with His bishop, or His priest preachin.
You might start there, but you can't stay there. After a little while you have to go on a little further and go on to the next level.
She said it was but a little that I passed from them, but I found Him.

But I found Him whom my soul loveth.
She said I found Him for myself. Not just knowing through my pastor, I found Him for myself, she said I held Him for myself, I loved Him for myself, I have an intimate relationship with my God, myself! It took some work, it took some effort, I had to travel, but ultimately I found Him, I held Him, and I loved Him.

"And would not let Him go."
I would not let Him go.

"Until I had brought Him to my mother's house."
Until I had brought Him into my mother's house.
"And into the chamber of Her that concieved me."
She said I'm taking Him to bed, I'm taking Him into the banquetting house, I'm getting ready for a covenant relationship, I'm going into intimate relationship with Him, were going to consumate our relationship. I'm gonna have the pleausre of the relationship, I'm gonna know Him in my everyday life, I'm gonna have a depth in my relationship with God, that becomes personal, and PRIVATE.

Not church, not public, not denomiational, not church of God, not church of God in Christ, not church of God prophesy, she said I gotta go past all of that and know Him for myself.

Oh that I may know Him in the fellowship of His suffering, and the power of His rising.

I wanna know Him, I don't just wanna go to church, then go home. I wanna know Him, I must find Him, I must aprehend that which I am apprehended of.

She said once I got a grip on Him, I wouldn't let Him go, I apprehended Him, I snatched Him, I held on to Him, I didn't let anybody shake my faith, or move me away from what I believe, I got a grip on Jesus and I wouldn't let go.

Seeking Him does not come naturally, it does not come without effort, it does not come while you're going about your business, you have to become aggressive.

I used to think that I could learn to know God through prayer, through other people that knew God, that had that anointing. But I soon figured out that it doesn't happen through divine osmosis. You can anoint me down til I'm as greasy as a Coronal Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken Leg, it still does not negate the fact that you gotta pick up your bible and STUDY! It will not take the place of your prayer life.

This generation doesn't believe that though, and that's why we have weak christians, we just believe that somebody is going to pray us into the next level, but the old folks believed in laying out and coming before God. They'd come to a service when nobody preached, and nobody teached, they come in and lay out on the alter, I mean the whole service, would be laying out on the alter, just stretched out before God, everywhere, calling on the Lord, and the only star was Christ.

You try to get this generation into some real fervent prayer, and if it lasts over 15 minutes.....

I'm telling you the God's Heaven truth, you cannot get people to pray, 10 minutes.
Forget watch with me one hour,......just watch with me 10 minutes, and you gotta entertain them, you gotta have the right singers and they gotta be able to sing good, all the microphones have to be right, the sound has to be right, the parking has to be right, everybody has to smile at em' coming in the door, if everything is right, the air conditioning is on, the lighting is right, the seats are comfortable, if everything's right, they'll stay a few hours, and I DARE YOU TO GO PAST 9 pm on a sunday night.

But when the old folks got saved they didn't have a/c, they didn't have padded pews, they didn't have a sound system, and no one could sing!!
I mean none of them could sing worth two cents, but the power of God, was present.

When are we gonna get tired of the rituals and the routine?
When is some one gonna get hungry for Jesus, and say Lord I just wanna know YOU?
I'm not gonna worry about the house, I'm not gonna worry You about the car, I'm not worried about going on the cruise, I'm worried about knowing YOU.

Oh that I may know Him, in His suffering and the power of His ressurection!

I wanna know You, I wanna know what's important and what's not important to You.
I wanna know what matters, and what doesn't matter. I wanna know how to walk with You through tough places,
I wanna know how to hold onto you in a hurricane, because life is a hurricane baby, it's a hurricane!
I wanna be able to maintain my focus while riding through the storm, because before you get outta one storm, here comes another one, and before you deal with that, here comes something else. Lord help me to hold on while RIDING, through the storm.

Matthew 6:1
"Take care! Don't do your good deeds publicly, to be admired, because then you will lose the reward from your Father in heaven."

He said don't do anything to be seen of men.....
Don't do it to be seen, don't do it to show off, don't do it to impress people.
He's gettin down into your motives. Oh that's a deep thing right there, that's a deep thing right there.
You can do the right thing for the wrong reason. He said " And I want you to make sure your motives are right. I'm gonna tell you that one of the hardest things to purge yourself from is bad motives. Because mad motives can exist and nobody knows it, nobody can see it, people don't preach on it, and you can get by in church 25 years with bad motives. You can be a manipulator and rise all the way up in the hierarchy and have no one say anything because you are doing the right thing, but for the wrong reason.

"When you give a gift to someone in need, don't shout about it as the hypocrites do-blowing trumpets in the synagogues and streets to call attention to their acts of charity. You already have your reward."

He said when you do it to get the glory of men, you have gotten your reward. God says ok I'm through with it, you impressed them, that's what you want, they are your God, there yah go, now your God has blessed you. God refuses to allow us to manipulate Him, so that we can impress people that need Him as much as we do!!

--But when you give to someone, don't tell your left hand what your right hand is doing, give your gifts in secret, and your Father, who knows all secrets, will reward you.

So when you do it in secret, He will reward you OPENLY.
And lemme say this, it may be a long time coming, but God has a long memory, and He never forgets, and anything you do for Him, He will reward you openly in due season. Everybody may have forgotten it, they might not acknowledge it, you might not get the reaction you thought you were gonna get from them, you don't need it anyway. Because while you're doing it, God is writing. Writing it all down.

I have spent years of my life, giving like a fool, giving like a fool, lookin' like a fool, giving stuff I needed myself, giving at bad moments, and giving at ridiculous moments, and everyone said I was crazy, they said I'd never have nothing, I was being made out to be a fool, but all the while God was writin'.

When God got ready to pay me, I mean you are talking about pressed down, shaken together, and running over.
See alot of people quote stuff that I've been living.
I hear them talking about it, I get to see it, pressed down, shaken together, running over.
Double for your trouble. It didn't even have to come from the same place you planted it, you plant it over here, you reap it over there.

Because what God wanted me to have was a GIVING SPIRIT.
It's a spirit, it's an attitude, because when you open up to give, you open up to recieve, the same thing you have to have to be a great giver, is the same thing you have to have in order to be a great RECIEVER.

It's the same thing. You can't think nothin when you give it, and you can't think nothin of it when you get it. Because as long as you think so much of money, God can't give it to yah, because it's YOUR GOD.

And if its too much to give away then its too much to give back, but when you don't pay it not attention going, and you don't pay it no attention coming God said I can trust you with the blessing because you won't let NOTHIN SEPERATE YOU FROM ME.

Ok I'm done. I'll put the 3rd part of this on here some other time.
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