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These things are like vitally important.

There is a presumption in the church, but after so long of being in this kind of atmosphere, I'm convinced that people don't understand this, like they really need to understand this. I think it's really important, that the responsibility, once you become a christian, shifts to you, for you to aggressivly seek after God. I think it's really important to understand that. You'd be surprised at how many people that give their life to Christ, think "ok I have arrived", they sit down, and they think everything is like cruise control, it's automatic, it just happens on its own. But in reality that does not happen. You have to become an aggressive christian.

An aggressive christian.

And I'm scared to even take off on aggressive. I mean I could stay there all day. Because one of the things, as I pray over this area, because the Lord, sent me to this area, so you begin to pray over the principalities of this area, one of the great challenges, is to see God's people aggressive.

Aggressive. We are far too passive.

And passive people get left behind. yeah.. you have to be aggressive for the things of God, you have to be aggressive after your vision, you have to be aggressive after your dream, it's not gonna happen, unless you don't force it. It is critical for this to soak up inside your brain. If you don't understand that, you are gonna lapse behind other people who are aggressive, and you're gonna question, whether God is treating you fairly, and you're gonna say you're waiting on God, but in reality God is waiting on you.

God is waiting on you.

Tarrying is something we do when we are waiting on the Holy spirit, but once He comes we don't have to wait for something that is already here. That's true of everything God has for you. You are not left in a position, where you are waiting on the Lord, the Lord is waiting on you. And when you aggressively begin to pursue those things you put yourself in a position for God to bless you.

I gotta ask myself what do I believe, what do I believe, what do I believe.

How do my works, correspond with what I believe? If I'm believing that God is gonna do *fill in the blank* how can I look at what I'm doing and see my faith, and my actions. Because if I really believe that God is going to do anything in my life, my actions need to line up with my faith.

And you wouldn't have nearly as much need to tell people what you believe if they could see what you believe in the actions that you produce.

I find that people who do some of the most shouting, do the least work. Because we seem like we have a responsibility to telll people about our faith rather than to just live out our faith. When you start living out your faith, you really don't need to exibate it out publicly, so much because you are living it everyday.

You are living it everyday. You don't have to talk prosperity, just be prosperous. Just do it. Don't just tell me about healin, if you have the gift of healin, just heal. You don't have to tell me that you're a prophet, just spit those mothers out lol.

We are so bent on getting the recognition, that we don't meet requirement. Just do it. Just do what God has put in your lap.
In order to become a doer, and not just a hearer of the word, you have to become aggressive.

Now I say that, and I wanna say that with some temperance too, because some people are on the other extreme, they're aggressive, they have zeal, but it's not according to knowledge. They are very very very aggressive, but their aggressive is wild, and it's born out of the flesh, and it's born out of their ambition, and their greed, and even out of their need, and that's not what I'm suggesting as a solution either.

And if I leave what I said at just that, there's gonna be all these people who are aggressive, but not in God's will.

It's not by might, nor power, but by my spirit, sayeth the Lord.

So I'm not saying just go out there and do something, because we have alot of people going out and doing "something", I'm talking about getting your actions to line up with your faith.

In Habakkuk, it says right the vision, and make it plain, and let Him that readeth it, run thereby.

There ought to be a correlation between your vision, and your feet. You ought to be able to watch my feet, where I'm running, and see what I've written.

Habakkuk 2, right the vision and make it plain, and let him that readeth it, run thereby.
So you're running in alignment with what you've written, and you have written what God has spoken.

So if I wanna know what God has spoken, and I can't get to what you've written, I need to sit back and watch how you're running, because you ought to be running in alignment with what you've written, and you should have written in alignment with what God spoke.

Phillipians 3:7
This is what Paul says.

But what things were gained to me, those I counted loss for Christ.

This is the whole transformation of his thought process. There were certain things that Paul was proud of. He was educated, he was intelligent, he was articulate, he spoke several different languages, he was a law keeper, he was a moral person, he was zealous concerning the law, he was from the tribe of benjamin, he was a pharisee. These were all things that he could brag about, he was a part of the court system. He could brag about all that. But he said he could brag about things that he counted as gain, BUT they were loss to him. He said my whole value system turned around when I came to Christ, to the point where alot of these things that were important to me, ceased to be important to me.

And you need to examine this text in your own heart to see if you've had this experience. Because alot of us, have just whitewashed the old man and come to Christ, but we are basically who we were before.

And I'm not talking about a change right now, I'm not talking about a change in your behavior, as much as I'm talking about a change in your priorities, in your thinking, what's important to you. Because if that doesn't happen, you'll get saved, and you'll start manipulating, the power of God to go after what you always wanted, and longed for.

So if you don't have a conversion, where you are converted in your thinking and your priorities, you'll get in the church, but you're manipulating in the church. I mean you pray, but you're manipulative in your prayer, and you want God, but you only want God to do what you want done.

And then when He doesn't do what you want done, guess what, you backslide.

Because you're not serving God for God, you're serving God so He can serve you.

Paul said I count all things lost but for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things that do count.....

He goes on to say that everything that was important to me, I count as dung, I count as crap, it's poop. When I held it up against how important it was for me to win Christ, it became worthless. This comes from a heart that is convinced that winning Christ, is wonderful.

Now I wanna talk about seeking God.

But if you don't see Him as wonderful then, seeking Him will just be work.

OK, it's 6 oclock, let's pray. I'm gonna pray. O Jesus, Jesus, I wanna hear you, blah blah blah blah blibbitty blah blah.

God doesn't want that.

No more than you want somebody forced to kiss you. Ha.

OK. Let's get it over with. Ha.

Alright, alright, I read the contract, I know I'm supposed to do this, let's get it done.

You have to know that seeking Him would be the highlight of your life. To touch Him, to find Him, to embrace Him, to know Him, you have to be a person who runs after God like that. It cannot be religion, it cannot be duty, it cannot be for a title, it can't be for a promotion, you have to decide that He's wonderful to you. And when you begin to seek Him like that, it makes all the difference in the world.

Verse 8- I counted all as dung
Verse 9- Be found in Him, not having my own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ.

The righteousness which is of God, by faith. He said " I don't wanna be found in Him, being religious, and to have my own righteousness, which is a result of me keeping the law. But I want to win this righteousness that comes from knowing Christ."

"I want it to be born out of intimacy, I want it to be Christ in me, and not me in me."

He said " be found in Him, not having my own righteousness."

I mean somethin' is just beating Him down on the inside to be found in Him. Not having his own righteousness, that he would find Jesus, full of what he professed. That He would find me possessing what I profess.

He said I am chasing after Him, and I have professed something, but now I gotta go back and make sure that I possess, what I profess.

It is a dangerous thing to profess something, that you don't possess. It's a dangerous thing.
You see it's not dangerous for the guy up in the front, not being able to sing, it's not dangerous. But if he starts bragging about what a wonderful singer he is, and he professess something that he doesn't possess, then that's dangerous. Because I'm subject to whip out a microphone on him, and say "let's hear what you got." ha.


So anytime that you profess, something that you don't possess, it's a very dangerous thing. And he said " I just don't want to profess or confess something that I don't possess."

Even though when you don't profess Christ, and you confess Him, he goes ahead and marks you down, but now I gotta go back and possess, what I profess. If I don't do that, then I make my entire testimony a lie.

Don't let Him catch you with your work undone.

I don't wanna be found, not being aggressively, going after Him.

Verse 10- That I may know Him, and the power of His rising from the dead. And the fellowship of His suffering. Being made conformable, unto His death.

He said I want to know Him. And notice that he has assumed responsibility in knowing Him.

He's not sitting back saying " Well if He wants me to know Him, He'll show up."

No. "He is aggressively saying I need to know Him. I need to know Him."

"I need to know Him in every capacity." " I need to know Him in the fellowship of His suffering, and of Him rising from the dead."

FELLOWSHIP OF HIS SUFFERING. Don't leave that out, don't let some of these new aged people lead you to believe, that that is negated. There are some things about God, you can ONLY, learn through suffering. There are some things about your companion you can only learn through suffering. Good times don't reveal who you got.

Now you can say whatever you want to, but anyone will eat fillet's and whatnot with you. But what about fillet beans??

But he says I want to know Him through His suffering, and the power of His ressurection. I don't just want to be a fair weather person, who shows up when things are going well, I wanna go the whole process, I want it to be Christ when things are right, and Christ when things are wrong. Christ when I've got lots of money, Christ when I don't have a dime. I want to know Him consistently in every area of my life.

You got me? I mean this is good.


He said by if any means, I might attain unto the ressurection of the dead.
He said if I'm really gonna complete this thing, unto the ressurection of the dead, I have to possess this, I have to know it, I have to be sure.

Now look at this.
Verse 12-
This is a blessing. Because when Paul says this, it frees all the preachers, and the bishops, and the apostles, and the prophets, and everybody else. It proves that they aren't a bunch of liars, they aren't fake.

Because this guy is writing, primarily, the larger part of the new testament. And certainly made the primary contribution to the epistles, and new testament docrtine. And he says, he openly says.:

"Not as though, I had already attained."

Oh I'm so glad He said it! I'm so glad he said it. If he didn't say anything else, that helped me to adjust my expectations, it freed me, from having to be a fake, I don't have to be a hypocrite, I can be straight forward, and you know what, if Paul wasn't there yet, you know the rest of these jokers aren't there yet. And I always play that over in my mind, when people come up and try to convince me that they have reached, their destination!

I mean, I don't say anything to them, I'll smile, but in the back of my mind ........
Alright. " We haven't thought any evil, we've just done everything wonderfully, and we seek God, and we just lay before Him, and we've just got koolaide comin' out of our water fountain, and all our children were born speakin in tongues, and they are just quotin scriptures, and Larry and I just interceed, for people that we work with......"

And I'll smile. But I don't believe a word of it.

I don't believe a word of it, I don't believe a word of it, because Paul said "not as though I had already attained." He said I am not there.
He's sittin' up there writing the BIBLE IM TALKING ABOUT!!!

But what I like about him is that he said I haven't attained and just sat down. Becaus the other extreme is people saying

"well you know I'm not there yet", and they just go wild.

They go all the way off. They have a license, to just let flesh rip. Ok.

But Paul says " I am not perfect."
And when we think perfect, I don't want to think flawless, I want to think complete.
He said I'm not complete, I'm not finished, I haven't arrived yet, there's still deficiency in my life.

Then he goes on to say:

"I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which I am apprehended of Christ Jesus."

I follow after....

He said for that reason, I follow after, I'm chasing hard after God, is not so that I can finally get my bills paid, it's not so I can get out of debt, its not so I can drive a porsche, it's not so that I can impress everybody, it's not so that I can be deeper than anybody. NO. He said I need to apprehend that which I am also apprehended of in Christ Jesus.

He said I need to catch the God, who caught me.

I need to seek the God who sought me. Now notice the first, apprehesion, was God's responsibility, it was Christ who apprehended Paul, he apprehended him, but then he says, I have to turn around and chase after the God, who chased after me.
So the relationship doesn't end just because He found me.

No. It doesn't end there. Once He found me, He said that that should provoke a thirst, in you, that makes you turn around and chase Him, so that you can apprehend that for which I am apprehended of Christ Jesus.

It's almost like tag. When somebody runs, and tags you, and says "your it", and then you turn around and haha you know what I mean?

Or ha. If you are over 40, or anywhere around 40, there used to be an old song, that talked about the hunter that gets captured by the game.



But picture in your mind the hunter that persued that game, and now the game is persuing the hunter.
God who persued you, now says persue Me. He sought you out, and then turns around and says seek Me. And Paul says not as though I had already attained, neither have I apprehended, but he said I follow so that I can apprehend, that for which I am apprehended of. He says I have to aggressively pursue the One, who aggressively pursued me.

He found me. I didn't get saved because I aggressively pursued the Lord. I was running from Him, I wasn't thinking about Him, I was going about my own business, I didn't even want to see Him. He invaded my life, got in my business, got in my affairs, chased me down, put a hook in my mouth, and snatched me in.

That's how I got saved. I got saved like that. It was no choice, it was no option, I tried to resist it, I worried about it, I cried about it, I didn't think I was good enough, I didn't think I was ready, I didn't think I could keep up, it didn't look like it was any fun to be saved, I wasn't through doing my thing, I was too young to be saved, I didn't have time to be saved, I didn't have time to be around all those church people, and I didn't wanna be around them, and maybe when I get old You can come in my life.

All the while I'm saying that, He's reeling me in. ;) Ha.

And you gotta see that the responsibility to apprehend that which I am apprehended of is really what I want you to understand. And after He saved me, after He saved me, I realized that He knew me.He knew me.

He told Jeremiah, in Jeremiah 1 about vrse 8...He said before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee, I ordained thee, I sanctified thee to be a prophet unto the nations.

He knew me.

The bible says, stand assured, the Lord knoweth them that are His.

He knew me.

Momma didn't know me. Dad didn't know me. Sister didn't know me, brother didn't know me, girlfriends didn't know me. Teacher's didn't know. I didn't know me. I didn't know me, I'd been living with me all those years, and it was still a mystery to me. How many of you all, are still puzzled at stuff about yourself? Still finding stuff out about you. I mean you don't even know what foods you like, "I don't like that", now all of a sudden half way through life, you do like that. Some stuff you didn't eat at 12, now you eat it at 20. You don't know you. Some stuff you said you'd never do, and then you do it. You don't know you.

He knew me.
He knew me.

I knew what I had done, but He knew what I would become. He knew how far, I would run, He knew how fast I could run, He knew how high I could leap, He knew what my potentials were, He had factored in my flaws, my weaknesses, my failures, my inconsistencies, He had tabulated them against my gifts, my talents, and my resources, and He knew the sum total of everything I could ever be, and He is the only one, in all the world who completely knew me.

Getting saved was not enough, getting saved just started it, because when He saved me, and He says "I know you", And He turned around and walked away.

Wait! Wait! Don't leave! I've got some stuff I need to ask you! Why am I like this, and why was I created this way? Why didn't you allow this person to raise me? Why did you allow me to go through this? Why did you allow me to think differently? Why do I feel this way?

No! You can't walk off yet, we aren't through talking! Tell me who I am. Tell me what I can do! Tell me what I can become! Tell me what I can have!

Seeking the God, that sought you. What a process.

Genesis Ch.3 verse 8
Adam and his wife hid themselves amongst the trees in the garden(away from God).

So here comes God walking through the cool of the garden looking for Adam. Does Adam look like he's looking for God? In fact he's going in the opposite direction. He is hiding from God, so who is the aggressor here?


And when it comes to salvation, God is the agressor. Did He not say, "ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you"?

Oh yes, He said it. Sure He said it.
And He meant it.

He chose Adam. He pursued Adam.

And the Lord called unto Adam.


You know where Adam was yelling "HELP!" JESUS JESUS JESUS.

Haha You don't hear NONE of that. YOU DON'T HEAR NONE OF THAT. Adam's down there hidin', sayin "He''ll be gone in a minute."

All the while God's voice is walking through the garden, God is pursuing Him, God is calling his name, "ADAM, Adam, where art thou?"
He sought you out, He looked you up, He found you when you were going in another direction, He pursued you, He chased you down.


He was committed to you, and delivering you, and snatching you out, He is the seeking God.

He aggressivley pursued you, He didn't say " Well someday when she decides to get saved, I guess I'll drop by."


He was aggressive about it. He put it on your mind, He gave you the ability to think, to want, to thirst, to call. He woo-ed you.
The bible says no man can come unto the Father say the spirit draws Him.

The spirit pulled you in. You didn't say "well one day I just decided and saw the error of my sins." NOT

I hear people all the time in prayer, they testify in prayer, "I've just decided, 2 in the morning, I just decided."

No you didn't just decide. SHUT UP!

He gave you the gift of repentence, He put it in your spirit, it didn't just happen. It was the Holy Spirit that touched you at 2 in the morning and gave you the mind to be saved.

He found you, He snatched you, He aggressively pursued you.

And it's not amazing that I'd seek God. Because I need Him, if I go out and I don't have any gas in my car, it wouldn't be amazing that I seek for the gas station.
Because I need some gas. But you don't normally see the gas station, out there seeking the car.

And that is what you talk about, when you talk about God looking for man. God didn't need man to complete Him. So you're looking at His amazing grace and mercy, and favor, and kindness. Man couldn't do anything for God, that God couldn't do for Himself. But in His grace and His mercy, He's calling for a falling man, a messed up man, a man whose fallen into sin, he wasn't even a clean man, he wasn't even a good man, anybody else would have thrown him away, and make another one that looked just like him, and the whole story would have been different, but God said "NO, I want that one."

Well he messed up?!?!

God: "No, I still want that ONE."

Adam:"I heard thy voice in the garden and I was afraid, so I hid myself."

And Adam gives all these excuses, and lies, and God's still dealing with him, still working him through the process. Just like He does with all of us.

Big Redneck: "Well uhh the reason I was born like this, is uh because I was born on a Tuesday."


Big Redneck: " If I woulda been uhh born on a friday, it wouldn't uhhh been like that."

Big Redneck: " My momma didn't have uhh no teef in ha' mouf when she was in labah."

Big Redneck: " I can't find my daddy."

And we've got all these reasons.
And God aggressively pursues us anyways.
But it doesn't end when He finds you.

Song of Solomon.

The voice of my beloved....

stop.. right there..

If you are reading this, there is a reason you are tuned into this frequency right now, there is a place in God when you begin to chase hard after Him, and pursue Him, I would challenge you to move every obstacle and interference out of your way, because God is getting ready to take you to another level that you've never gone to before. There is a reason that you are reading my journal, and the Holy Spirit is dealing with you specifically, because over the next few days as you begin to seek the face of the Lord, God is going to turn around some situations in your life that you have been praying about for a loooooonnnnnngggggg, a long time, a long time, and you've got a list of things that you want God to do for you, but God says that He has a list of things that He wants you to do for Him. Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is yet near. Let the wicked forsake his ways, and the unrighteous man his thoughts. God has a warrant for your arrest, He's challenging you tonight. In the name of Jesus, begin to seek Him, live you've never sought Him. I don't know who you are, I don't know what you're going through. But I have a word from the Lord for you. God is going to turn those things around, ONLY when YOU seek HIS FACE. Don't seek the thing, seek His face. As you seek His face, God is gonna perform the thing.


Song of Solomon.
The voice of my beloved. Behold, He cometh leaping upon the mountains, skipping upon the hills.
My beloved is like a gazelle, or a young stag.
He is looking forth through the windows, showing Himself through the lattice.
My beloved spake and said unto me:
Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.

Listen to that!!
She said the voice of my beloved, behold he cometh, HE'S THE AGRESSOR. Leaping upon the mountains, skipping upon the hills, my beloved is like a gazelle, He's like a young deer, He stands by the wall, He looks through the window, He showeth Himself through the lattice. My beloved spake unto me and said,

He came all the way up to the window, and said, "now you come after me."


By night on my bed!!!!!
"By night on my bed I sought Him."
Being exposed to Him created an appetite for Him. God did not show Himself through the lattice, for you to say "ok thats enough, I'm satisfied, I've got enough Christ, to take me to Heaven." He just showed Himself through the lattice of your circumstance so that you would be intrigued enough to get up and seek after Him.

Watch the progression of this woman's search. At first she says "by night on my bed I sought Him." Whom my soul loveth. I sought Him, but I found Him not." She said I couldn't find Him, laying down. I tried to seek Him in my comfort zone, I tried to seek Him and stay in the position I was in, when I FIRST SOUGHT HIM!

I tried to seek Him and stay within a place that was easy for me, and stay where I was when I first saw Him, but I DID NOT WORK.

And MANY of you are tryin' to lay in bed and seek GOD!

The same bed you were in when you first saw Him, but it is not enough, if you are going to have Him, He may have shown Himself, while you were laying in the bed, but in order, to get the FULLNESS of what He has you have to get up, FROM WHERE YOU ARE, and GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL.


Ok. I'm done for the night. with my ramblings. I'll finish this beast tomorrow. Wow. I mean lately. The holy spirit has been on me. Father draw me into yourself. Prod me more! crush the glory outta me.
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