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Glory. You have to learn produce glory, while you're hungry. Until you can produce glory, on an empty stomach, with no furniture in your apartment, in the room by yourself, and say He's still God.

I'm lonely but I'm anointed.

The glory of God is in my life. You gotta learn to be happy by yourself, sure you wish you had company, but all of a sudden you got HAPPY, that's glory.

You gotta have it. For the wilderness you have to go through, you can not go in the wilderness, and enter into the promise land, off of somebody else's glory. They'll cut you off!

You've got to have your own glory.

God will isolate you, until you can produce your own glory. No pharoah, no bricks, no straw, no meats, no onions, He said" you get the glory out here", you get the glory out here with Me, get the glory right now. He said I'm getting ready to take you somewhere, but I can't take you anywhere, until you can get glory right here.

And some of us are in the glory stage, you've fallen in love with God, not for houses, not for cars, you've fallen in love with God for God. He just keeps showing up, just in the nick of time, and you're learning how to talk to Him. You're learning how to lean on Him, and you're learning how to discuss stuff with Him, and you're talking over your plans in the house with the Lord, and God is producing glory at your kitchen table, God is producing glory, while your cleaning out your garage.

The Lord spake out to Moses saying," I have heard the murmerings of the children of Israel, speak unto them saying, at evening ye shall eat flesh, and in the morning ye shall be filled with bread, and ye shall know that I am the Lord your God."

You see what He's saying?

He's saying in the evening you'll eat flesh, He said in the morning you'll eat bread, and you'll know that I am God.

The whole purpose in sending that to them, was the meer task of proving to them what He was. He said I'M BAD, I GOT YOU, I GIVE YOU QUAIL IN THE EVENING, I CAN GIVE YOU CROISSANTS FOR BREAKFAST.

"It came to pass at evening the quails came up and covered the camp, and in the morning the dew layed down about the host. When the dew that layed was gone out........(PAUSE)"

Whenever you see the dew, it's the presence of the Holy Spirit, it's that light, vapor, that comes from the presence of God, it descends like dew, it suggests freshness, newness, and beginnings, it moistens your desert, think of it: that DEW would fall in the desert. You have to understand, it's a ridiculous thing to think that dew would fall in the desert. It's just God!

God will find a way to get the water to you. The place may be dry, but God is not dry. Because God is your sufficiency, and because HE IS your provision, He'll give you dew in your desert, and it's a sure sign, that the manna is coming.

If you study....the dew always proceeded the manna.
God wouldn't invest His anointing in your life, IF HE WASN'T GONNA BLESS YOU.
GOD DOESN'T ANOINT ANYBODY TO GO TO HELL. He doesn't anoint anybody to bring them down.

Haven't you ever been in your desert, and dew fell. I mean, how could you not be happy, I don't even know where this came from, but it's just dew in your desert.


"It came to pass at evening the quails came up and covered the camp, and in the morning the dew layed down about the host."
They just woke up and it was there. They didn't work for it, didn't labor for it, didn't call for it, didn't ask for it, didn't even understand it, but they're reporting to you what happened. It's like a news reporter, telling you what happened.

They said: When we woke up, in our desert, dew was all over the ground. We just woke up, we didn't deserve it, it just appeared.

Dew in a dry place. The sovereign God loves me so much, that HE put dew in my desert, and it just happened that when I woke up it was there. We beheld the wonder of His glory, we got to see dew. From whence cometh this dew?

This is not a natural thing. It's just God. Giving you what you need to survive, the place you're in.

"When the dew that layed had gone up, there behold on the face of the wilderness, lay a small round thing, as small as a single frost on the ground."

He said by the time the dew evaporated, there was something there, where the dew was. He said it was a small round thing.

He called it a small round thing because they didn't know what to call it.


They don't really know, what to call it, because, many times when God sends provision, you won't really know, what to call it.

Yeah. You just say, ha, somethin's happenin'. I got a feeling everything's gonna be alright. The Lord is up to somethin'. My spirit is excited, I don't even know what I'm excited about. I mean it's difficult to articulate, even in my own life, I mean what a great challenge, it's difficult to articulate, the blessings of the Lord. It's hard for me, to put words to what He did. He did somethin' that's not able to be defined to me.

I hear other people talking about what He did in their life, and it's not that I'm secretive, it's just that sometimes God does somethin' that's so marvelous, and so unexplainable, that it's hard to articulate it, you don't know exactly what to call it, and you wonder, if you did put a set of words on it, would anybody believe it!

He said it was a small round thing.

[When the children of Israel saw it, they said one to another, "It is manna." But that's not what it was.]

OK. This is funny. When the children of Israel saw it, they called it a small round thing, and then they called it manna. But manna actually means "what is it?"

In the daily stage of provision, often when God sends a provision, you don't even know what it is. The weird thing about that, is like 3 verses earlier, before manna, the Lord told them that bread was coming in the morning. He blatently told them, I read it for myself, I'm sending meat in the evening, and bread in the morning.

So when they saw the dew, they should of said after the dew left there was bread. That's what it was. I mean He told them what it was. But from the time the prophecy was given to the time the prophecy was fulfilled, the one who was the recipient of the prophecy, didn't even recognize the prophecy when it came time for it to happen! Oftentimes when God speaks something into your life, when it happens you stand there and say "manna". Haha.

You don't even recognize it, you don't recognize a job when it comes, you don't recognize a husband, when he comes. He sends the husband, you look at the guy and say, manna. lol

God opens up the building, God opens up the facility, God opens it up. You stand there and start talking about manna.

He just told you I'm getting ready to take you to another level, I'm getting ready to give you houses that you didn't build, give you vineyards that you didn't grow, and when the opportunity finally comes, no sooner you say "this is the bread that the Lord has sent, we shall rejoice and be glad in it."


Foot Note:
This is the messianic prophecy that will exist between us all and Christ. Christ is the true bread, that comes down. Your fathers did eat bread in the wilderness, but I am the true bread that comes down from Heaven. The problem was that when the Christ would come, the messiah would come, ALL ISRAEL LOOKED AT HIM AND SAID, MANNA. He came unto His own, and His own recieved Him not. They did not recognize Him to be who He was. Even though the scriptures had foretold His coming. He said if you would have read the scriptures, they testied of Me, I am the bread, that cometh down from Heaven.

But they rejected Him, and just called Him a small round thing.

Just a foot note...

Don't make the same mistake, that when God answers your prayers, you don't recognize it.

"When Moses spoke he said, this is the bread, which the Lord hath given you to eat. This the thing which the Lord hath commanded......



Moses said, you'd better get a clue, this is it!!

But you gotta notice this. The bread wasn't tasty, it wasn't flavorful, it didn't have the flavor of pharoah's provision. When God starts wheening you, it doesn't have that flavor. Less flavor, but it is sustaining. It has less flavor ,but it sustained them so well, that not only did they survive, their clothes didn't wear out. Their shoes didn't wear out, for forty years. For forty years, God sustained them, one day, at a time.

This is how much faith that's in daily provision.

God said to them that they could not horde up the bread, I don't want you to save it, and if they tried to save it, worms got in the bread. Because the whole purpose in this stage of provision, is for you to be dependant upon ME.

He's teaching you to have relationship with Him, and He's not gonna allow you, to CUSHION YOURSELF, because this is a daily provision. It's a daily thing. Every morning they had to get up trusting God.

I'm talking to somebody, I don't know who it is.

You have to trust God everyday.

Other people have all kinds of mutual funds, anuities, CD's, retirements, investments.

But You gotta get up every morning and say "give us this day our daily bread." "Lord I trust You to get me to work today." " I trust You for gas in my car." " I trust you, that my God shall supply all my needs, according to His riches and glory."

AND sometime down that way, have you not noticed that you are still here, God sustained you everyday. It wasn't comfortable, it wasn't a sweet date, but it was a date, nonetheless.

It goes from not enough, to just enough, to more than enough.

Walkin with God, through all the different stages of provision.

Egypt, we runned outta everything. Not enough. That's alright. I'm gonna bring you outta there. But now you're gonna have just enough.

Now can you serve God with just enough?

Just enough, just enough, just gettin by. Just enough, just enough, just enough, don't know anything about next week, just enough. Don't know about next month, can't see about next year, just squeakin by. Learnin to lean, learnin to trust Him, learnin to depend on Him, learnin to call on His name. Just enough, just enough, God won't let anybody rescue you, God won't let anybody save you, just enough. Just barely getting by. Your prayer life increases, because you GOTTA pray.

All of a sudden you say "you know what I'm gonna start getting up early in the morning and prayin."

I BET YOU DO. You got to get up in the morning and pray. You got to lay down at night, fall asleep praying, you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, you're on the camode prayin. You got to pray. God's backed you in a corner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He said He's gonna sustain me, one week at a time, one day at a time. I'm a bunch of splinters, I'm a bunch of broken pieces, but He's pulling me through, everytime I get, down, He'll send somebody, to say something, to lift me long enough, to get my far enough, til He sends somebody else, to say somethin else to me that gets me along, He's got me on life support, but I'm still here.

The whole object was to bring them to a place of permanent provision. You gotta go through this for years, before you begin to understand permanent provision.
When you go through so much trouble, if you're not careful you get hooked on trouble, and you get used to thinking that you're always gonna be in that trouble, always just get by, just barely make it, and you get hooked into a period, and you don't understand that all those periods that God took you through, was to get you TO a place of permanent provision.

He was trying to get them to the promise land, which He said I have given you the land to possess it. So everything that He broke up in their life was to stop them from building on something that was less than what He had for them.

Why would I let you build in the wilderness, when I've got a land for you that flows with milk and honey? So I've got to keep pushing you, and pushing you, and pushing you, to get you to the place of permanent provision. Because if I didn't push you, you'd get hooked! on not enough, or hooked on just enough, when I have prepared more than enough for you.

When I look where I'm at, I see too many people, satisfied with not enough, or just enough, and they're hooked on it. And that's all they want, they're just lookin around for somebody to give em somethin'. Give me, gimme, give me, you all need to help a brother out, and if you don't help em' out now you're a bad person.

Let me tell you why you don't want to get hooked on someone helping you. No one is able to help you enough, for as long as you are going to live, I can't get hooked, with you putting 50 dollar bills in my hand, because you don't have enough 50's. You can't do it, two or three times, it's not gonna be enough.

I'm a grown man.

I can't be running around with the "gimme syndrome", and the "welfare" mentality. I want too much, you can't sustain me. You aint big enough, it's gonna take GOD, to take care of me, I got too many things I want!

So thank you for the hand out, but really what I want is a hand up. Holla

It really doesn't help me, for you to pay my rent. Because it's gonna come again next month, and so sooner or later I'm gonna have to make a decision, either I can't afford this place, and I need to downgrade, or I need to bring my income up.

You getting me out of the crapper, doesn't solve the problem, it just pacifies me, but ultimately God wants to bring me into a place, where nobody, has to help me, and I CAN HELP MYSELF!

But if you get used to people helping you, and start fighting them for hand outs, and start falling out, because they weren't there for you, you don't understand the provision, of God.

You aint my provision, the Lord is my provision.

I need to hunger for the things in the word of God, people can't give me that, my boss can't give me that, I'm gonna have kids, I'm gonna have posterity, I'm gonna have a legacy, I'm gonna have a future, I gotta build up on more than handouts, and someone paying my electric bill. Don't you know you're still spending the electricity. You're gonna need something more.

I'm telling you, I'm learing the hard way. Alot of times helping people, doesn't help them, and people, will think you're cruel and mean. But if this dude, doesn't have a job, and he has a benz, and his car payment is $485 a month, and he comes to me crying, and he tells me he's backed up two payments and he need two payments. If I give him the two payments, so that he can get caught up, and if he doesn't get a job, he might as well give up the car now, and go ahead and get himself a crud mobile that he can handle. Because if he's not careful he will fool around and fall out, with me. Because I dissapointed him. When I never said I WAS GOD.

You can only carry your kids for so long. And you know you love those little crumb snatchers!! But after awhile.. Mom loves yah but after awhile you got to cut some grass, paint some walls, put some insolation in, come on baby, momma loves yah, but you gotta pull your weight!

You can't spend the rest of your life, going from church to church, hitting their benevolence fund. I mean you have messes of people, who have built a career out of going from church to church, and hitting up their benevolence fund, then falling out and going to the next church. You are just a career crook with a bag full of scriptures.

And the word of God is not working for you, because you're not believing God for your own stuff. You've got to fight for your stuff, because the devil is trying to back you in, to a slave mentality, and if you don't fight you'll never be who God created you to be.

I learned and spent so much time looking at Joseph that I didn't realize that Joseph came out of his struggle and never went back. I spent so much time learning about what Job went through, which turned about to be about 9 months, that once Job got back up, he never went back.

What God wants to do for you, his people, is bring us into this third dimension, this permanent provision, where He can forever settle into your life, your need for needs, the Lord is my shepherd, I SHALL NOT WANT. He maketh me to lie down in green pasture.

I was made to rest in abundance, He didn't make me to lie down in a desert, He created me to lay me down, He leadeth my beside still waters, God wants me to drink. He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake, He prepares a table for me, in the presence of my enemies, my enemies can't stop me from eating, it doesn't matter who doesn't like me.


See some people God can't bless because they can't stand to be hated. People hate success. The reason they blew up the world trade centers, and the Pentagon, and the planes that fell in pennsylvania, is because some of these third world countries hate, the success that this country has, and they say they are gonna kill our God because they hate the fact that we've got houses and air conditioning, and carpets, and cars, and videos, and video games, and cruise control. They hate it. And just like they hate this nation's success, when you're successful there will be people around you that try to terrorize you because God has blessed YOU. OHHH!!

If you think you gotta be tough to make it in Egypt, and you think you gotta be tough to make it in the wilderness, boy, you gotta be tough to stand in your promise land.

You have to be a bad mother, to stand there, and take it, take the ridicule, take the heat, take the contraversy, deal with your crazy family, and your neighbors down the street, even your dog will start barking at you when God gets done blessing you.

Can you stand to be blessed? You really gotta get this stuff up inside you, so you can start walkin on top of your storm, can you stand to be blessed? You are gonna attract terrorists, and snipers, and suicide bombers, in your life, JUST because you got a promotion. Just because you bought your own house, just because you don't need your sister to take you to church anymore, people hate success. Success breeds contempt, and it doesn't have to be money, it can be ministry success, it can be artistic success, it can be creative success, it can be spiritual success. If you start praying for people and too many people get healed they'll hate you...

THEY HATED JESUS CUZ HE HEALED PEOPLE. They said healin that woman on the sabbath day, it doesn't seem right, I mean here, this woman's about to die, but He couldn't even help her, because people hate success.

And you have to watch that, that isn't in you.

There is a loathing for success in the heart of unbelievers. The people who hate success are people who believe they aren't gonna have any. When you have an element of unbelief in you, you will also see a certain attitude, where you have some little slight aversion, where somebody is more blessed than you, and if your heart flips over, or you have some little attitude, and you get tempted to give a snide remark, or somebody is saying something snide, and you wanna add something to it.

All of that is unbelief in you, because if you believe that God was gonna bless you, you wouldn't say it. And the only reason that you have a problem with it, is that it isn't you.

But when you believe that you're next in line, why would you be upset if I'm standing in front of a huge line handing out hundred dollar bills, and I'm coming all the way down the line, and you know I'm coming down your row, and everytime someone gets one, you say ohh thank the lord, oh hallelujah, ohh glory, aint God good, because you know you're NEXT.


I feel Him breaking through curses, and bondages, and clouds, and dark things, and stereo types, and ideas, and things people pressed into your mind, well God is gonna open up the windows of Heaven, and pour you out a blessing, you, not your pastor, you, not your boss, you will not have room enough to recieve. This bible was written for you. He didn't write this for preacher's, He wrote it for you. YOU!!

You're supposed to take over, you're supposed to run the company, you're supposed to be the governor, you're supposed to be the mayor, you're supposed to be on the supreme court. YOU'RE THE BLOOD WASHED, YOU'RE THE SANCTIFIED, YOU'RE THE HOLY GHOST FILLED, YOU'RE GOD'S KID.

God I feel it. It's getting hard to type. AHH

I don't write, this so I can feel ill important to myself, all lavish to myself, this is so that when God tells me to do something, God says for me to take over something, I shouldn't have to go to the world, and ask them can I do it, I ought to be able to come together, with other believers, and we ought to have enough strength amongst ourselves, that we don't have to ask the DEVIL, can we do what God has called us to do!!

God wants to raise you up.

You can't do what God's called you to do for free.

"Everything's gotta be free or we can't come."


"Why they sellin tickets for breakfast?"

Cause it costs somethin for eggs!!!

You oughta be able to dress up and go somewhere nice other than church, you oughta be able to go to some nice events, we oughta make the world jealous, til the world starts sayin "can we come to ya'lls stuff??" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Mark 10:29,30
(Drive this up the nose of anyone that tells you that christians, shouldn't be blessed)

God is not unjust to forget your labor of love. Hello. Fall in love with the vision. Fall in love with it.

Jesus said:

There is no man that has left house or brethren, or sisters of father, or mother or wife, or children or lands for my sake, and the gospels, but he SHALL recieve 100 fold NOW in this time.



NOW. NOT IN HEAVEN, NOT WHEN I DIE, NOT WHEN I GET TO THE OTHER SIDE, NOW!!!! IN!! THIS!! TIME!!! Jesus said everything you left for me, I'm keeping a record of it and you're gonna get it back 100 fold, NOW! IN! THIS! TIME!

I didn't say it, Creflo Dollar didn't say it, Kenneth Copeland didn't say it, JESUS SAID IT, THE SCRIPTURES SAID IT!

DO tha' thing!!
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